MM-ISAC Round Tables

What is it?

The MM-ISAC regularly hosts roundtable meetings to bring together member companies and other mining organizations cyber security leaders to share intelligence, dig-in on critical risk factors and topics, and confirm a plan for increasing collaboration and sharing and ensuring a united approach to the cyber resiliency of our industry.

During the roundtable, participants will share their critical issues and dig-in on pathways for solutions covering many of the cyber security priorities today. Topics often include:

  • Insider risk
  • Cyber security for OT
  • Supply chain resiliency
  • Shifting from prevention to active management control
  • Current threat intelligence

Audience Demographic

Round table discussions are often a smaller groupings, looking typically between 10 to 20 individuals all. The attendees will range from the CISOs, security managers and leads of mining organizations as well as supply chain partners. Attendees reflect the global nature of MM-ISAC.


By supporting our roundtable discussions, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the discourse around cybersecurity resilience. Your support not only strengthens the impact of our events but also positions your organization at the forefront of proactive cybersecurity and cyber resilience initiatives. In the face of evolving threats, your partnership ensures our collective ability to stay ahead as a industry challenges through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

You will enjoy things like:

Our Roundtable discussion sponsorship package is tailored to strategic brand exposure, networking privileges, and the opportunity to influence the future of cybersecurity discourse. 

Help us pave the way to a cyber resilient mining and metals sector.

Want a Roundtable discussion near you?

Hosting a roundtable discussion in your area offers a unique opportunity to connect with local experts, share diverse perspectives, and drive meaningful dialogue on important topics. It fosters community engagement, collaboration, and innovative solutions. Take the initiative to spark conversations that can inspire change and strengthen your network.

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