Membership Programs

Information Sharing

Threat Intelligence Platform

Helping build a complete picture of the threats that affect our industry, we are proud to offer to our members a trusted and protected Threat Intelligence Platform that offers automated and analyzed intelligence. Our platform is designed to be used by companies of all sizes and maturity. Deployment options range from a stand-alone network appliance coupled with an easy to use web portal providing a turnkey option to integrate with existing tools

Secure Communications Platforms

We provide access to a number of secure communications tools to allow for secure communications in the event of an incident. These platforms provide a safe out-of-band channel for collaboration of sensitive information security incidents.

Training and Staff Development

Effective Incident Response is dependent upon an educated workforce.

Leveraging available cyber resilience workforce education and resources to develop customized Sector-specific cyber resilience curriculum that reflects organizational policies, processes, procedures, and role-based responsibilities.

MM-ISAC membership includes access to the Global Cyber Range (provide by the Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research) providing cybersecurity education, a virtual network environment to practice cyber skills, and National Cyber First Responder training/certification.

Working Groups

In order to build true cyber resilience, MM-ISAC working groups will collaborate with other industry and security organizations to develop an industry cyber-resilience framework, operational guidance and assessment tools.

These working groups will allow mining and metals companies to develop a cybersecurity framework optimized for the industry.

Companies will use these tools to assess their current cyber security positioning and develop the roadmap to reach their desired end state.